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Race an inch from the track at speeds up to 80 mph
The best kart racing sim ever made for mobile. The most competitive racing game on iOS.
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Our Game

Realistic Physics
Closely matched go karts from real brands - none of this massive upgrade, automatic win! We race in tenths!
Live Championships
Compete against pro racing drivers! Yes, they play Street Kart Racing.
Real Rivalries
Street Kart is about epic grand prix rivalries against real people.
What people say

Our Players

A huge thank you to the thousands of players around the world that make SK what it is. From the professional kart racers to the racing noobs, you drive the game forward.

“You’ll never find another game like it. So competitive, so real. It’s more than just a game. As close to the real thing as you’re going to get.”
Marijn Kremers, FIA-CIK World Kart Champion 2019 (KZ), BirelART Factory Driver.
“I freaking love this game. It’s realistic and intense racing. I stopped real racing 3 as soon as I found this game.”
Mika Francis, App Store Review.
“An unbelievably compelling racing game realistic to real life racing.”
Dexter Patterson, FIA-CIK World Kart Champion 2017 (OKJ).
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No. 1 paid multiplayer racing game in over 100 countries